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The Connection_ project was born with the desire to establish a cultural connection between the city of Barcelona and other European cities. It seeks to create a network of cultural links between cities to share and confront strategies on urbanism and architecture. A series of architecture exhibitions are the focus of this project that also offers other events such as conferences and meetings between universities. Each new connection will offer a new theme that will always take into account the idiosyncrasy and the cultural and architectural background of the invited city or region.The theme chosen for this first confrontation with Barcelona is "Architecture and Territory." The first set of connections will take place in Ticino, Switzerland. This Canton, with great cultural tradition, is a mainly mountainous territory which has, however, many other geographical conformations such as hilly areas and plains, valleys and lakes. This particular geography, the gradual population increase and the difficulty of finding accommodation within the larger centers, have generated a particular low-density growth. The Connection_Import Ticino exhibition tracks a series of singular works from this particular territory. To better represent this relationship between architecture and territory – starting from the south and up the canton to the valleys of the far north – it has been chosen a series of combinations between works and geographical context:• Architecture in lowland areas• Architecture in the urban context• Architecture in the vicinity of lakes• Architecture in low hills• Architecture in mountainous areas


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Connection_ Import Ticino: "Architecture and Territory", Barcellona, Spagna Spain . 2012 Biennale di Architettura a Mosca, Mosca, Russia Russia . 2007 Die Kunst der Reduktion, Neue Tessiner Architektur 1970 - 2004, Münster School of Architecture, Münster (D) Germania . 2007

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The territorial evolution of Switzerland occurred primarily with the acquisition of territory by the historical cantons of the Old Swiss Confederacy and its close associates.This gradual expansion took place in two phases, the growth from the medieval Founding Cantions to the "Eight Cantons" during 1332-1353, and the expansion to the "Thirteen Cantons" of the Reformation period during 1481 ...
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